HON MIRIN 本みりん (ボトル) 600ml



  • Vegetarian
  • Gluten Free
  • Chilled
  • Organic
  • No MSG


HON MIRIN 本みりん (ボトル) 600ml

HON MIRIN  本みりん (ボトル)  600ml


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”Hon Mirin" is an alcoholic beverage seasoning brewed with glutinous rice and rice malt for long period of time.


(1) Better penetration of the taste
When the alcohol soak into the food , it makes easier for other seasonings to penetrate .

(2) Reduces fishy smell
It turns off the unpleasant smell of fishy smell, by the action of amino acids and sugar that is included in "Hon Mirin" . It removes the unpleasant smell together when further alcohol content is volatilized .

(3) Prevents boiled ingredients to collapse
By the action of the sugar and the alcohol contained in "Hon Mirin", it will prevent the material from falling a part when boiled.

(4) Adds richeness and flavour
By 9 or more kinds of sugar and 18 kinds of amino acids included in "Hon Mirin" , it gives a deep richness and flavor to dishes.

(5) Gives the elegant and mellow sweetness
Since "Hon Mirin" contains complex sugar of more than 9 types sugars such as glucose and oligosaccharides , it will create the elegant sweet dishes .

(6) Generates gloss
9 or more types of sugar included in "Hon Mirin" gives a delicious shine and luster to the cuisine .

(7) Takes out too much saltiness and acidity
Sugars and amino acids contained in this mirin makes it possible to suppress the saltiness and acidity


Glutinous rice , koji rice , brewing alcohol , sugars

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