Introduce your friends to receive instant £11 worth points!!

When you refer your friend to us, you will earn 10000 loyalty points (equivalent to £11) and your friend will get a free standard delivery (equivalent to £6). 



How you can refer your friend -

1) Click "Loyalty Points" on the right top of our online shop top page and log in.

2) Select "Refer Friends" in the left pane of the pop-up window.

3) Choose how you want to refer your friend to us, via Twitter, Facebook or Email.

Note: you will be given 10000 loyalty points after we receive an order of over £30 from your referred friend. You can redeem your loyalty points anytime since the loyalty points have no expiry date.   


How your friend can use the free standard delivery code -

1) Ask your friend to click the link sent from you, which takes your friend to our online shop where the free standard delivery code will be displayed.

2) Your friend can enter the free delivery code at "Checkout" page.

Note: your friend needs to spend a minimum of £30 for using the free delivery code. The shipping rates appears on your check out screen as this free delivery code will take £6 off your purchase. If you select the other delivery options, it still remains valid to take £6 off from your purchase. This applies to any customers in UK or not in UK.