Product Review Campaign

Earn 100 loyalty points by writing a product review! (until March 31st)


  • Create an account     1,000 points
  • Refer a friend             2,000 points
  • Make a purchase       10 points per £1
  • Log in                         10 points per day

    And now

    Write a product review and earn 100 points!


    1. Shop with us

    Visit our online shop and order our selection of authentic Japanese foods.  We trust that our wide variety of products will satisfy all customers in all ages who love Japanese food.


    2. Receive the product review invitation by e-mail

    You'll receive a form for the product review after your purchase.  It'll be sending from us automatically for the items you bought.  Don't miss the email whose title is "Please review your recent purchases at" and sent by "" as you are only eligible to earn loyalty points when you reply back via email.


    3. Post your review

    There're three sections in the form.  Give rating, write the title and review of the items you've bought.  "Did you like it?", "How did you eat it" and so on.  Then, post it before Mar 31st.  Your reviews can be any languages so you could even try to write it in Japanese!


    4. Get 100 loyalty points

    We'll provide 100pts per product review for your contribution.  That is 10 times more points than spending £1!  The number of posting is unlimited so you can write as many as you received.  Don't miss the chance to earn points quickly and get closer to the target point(5000 pts for £5 off).



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