Japan Food Hall -Japanese Food Online Shop-

Welcome to Japan Food Hall! 


Japan Food Hall was established in London to cater to the increasing demand for Japanese Food products across Europe. With a team of Japanese-nationals with years of experience in the British consumer market, we are dedicated to bring a wide variety of authentic food products directly from Japan. 

Japan Food Hall will import a wide of variety of product from ingredients to make delicious Japanese dishes ranging from high-quality Sushi to casual Ramen noodles all the way to unique Japanese confectioneries.


Healthy, Tasty, and Beautiful Japanese Food 


We believe Japanese food has a unique quality of being healthy yet extremely palatable at the same time. People who want to stay healthy can have a relatively low calorie diet by eating Japanese. In fact, the life expectancy of Japanese people is one of the highest in the world. Japanese women, on average, now live to 86 years of age!

Japanese dishes can also look very beautiful. We think this is another distinct quality which we would like to share with people in Europe. 


Easy ordering, shipping across Europe, and next day delivery available 


You can order our products from your PC, tablet, or smart phones, whenever you like. We ship our products from London to 30+ European countries and provide next day delivery for UK addresses. We can ship not only the dried products but also chilled items. We have the loyalty programme in place so that every customer can have the benefits every time they shop.

We look forward to delivering you quality products in a timely manner and spread our passion for Japanese products!