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  • We are collaborating with Japanese cooking schools now!
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We are collaborating with Japanese cooking schools now!

Our authentic Japanese products are used in the high-end restaurants in London. We also help Japanese cooking schools to encourage the popularization and spread of Japanese food!

Exchanging website links

Our website is having links with these website including the largest recipe site in Japan.  We're working for sharing their recipes and photos on our website as well.



Providing Japanese ingredients to cooking classes or events

The cooking school creates food recipes based on our product range.  We supply ingredients and also support their event.  
We joined Sozai Cooking School 2nd anniversary event last week.  More than 100 people came and enjoyed Sake and popular Japanese foods such as Sushi, Katsu Curry, Gyoza(Chinese dumpling), Wagashi(traditional confectionary) and Okonomiyaki.  We supplied okonomiyaki essential kit as a sponsor.  Thanks to skillful cooks, Okonomiyaki were well-cooked and everyone enjoyed its authentic taste.


Customizing the cooking class ingredients on our website and providing purchase opportunity

It's sometimes difficult to find authentic Japanese ingredients although you learned how to cook Japanese dishes.  We are making it easy by providing a kit so that you can get what you need and make what you've learnt in your cooking class at home.  We also provide promotional code for participators in the cooking schools.   


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