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Be a Japanese chef at home

Did you know you can buy our wholesale products which are widely used in Japanese restaurants in UK?  Of course they're high quality and bigger than the regular products but cost less than a half price per gram with the same quality.  Enjoy using them as much as you want while saving money and make your home like a Japanese restaurant!

こんぶだしの素   1 kg


Used Japanese Konbu kelp powder, it brings out of the natural flavour of the ingredients. It can be used for any Japanese dishes, such as soup stock for Japanese noodles, Nimono(simmered ingredients) and seasoned pickles.



お好みソース 2.1 kg


Japanese thick flavour sauce used the best for Okonomi yaki(savoury pancakes). The secret of the delicious taste is that it contains African dry fruit Date which creates unique taste and thickness in flavour. It can be used not only for Okonomi yaki but also for many variety of dishes like Teriyaki chicken, the sauce for hamburger.



ジャワカレー(中辛) 1kg


With roasted onion and aromatic spices, it has deep and spicy flavour. It's been popular and eaten for over 50 years so there's even a wholesale product for 40 servings. You can enjoy either making a curry in several batches or having a curry party!

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