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Collect points and save your money

There are some ways to buy Japanese products outside Japan, but do you choose them wisely?  Our loyalty point scheme offers you to save your money.  You'll get from £5  up to£25 discount when you reach a certain amount of points.

Here are three "S" keys to earn points. 

1. Sign up for our online shop 1000 points 

Go to the signup page, just enter your name and email. Then you'll earn 1000 loyalty points. That’s it! It’s that easy and we will give you 1000 points to welcome you to Japan Food Hall. Enjoy shopping with us whenever or wherever you want with your mobile or PC.

2. Share with your friends 2000 points 

Start shopping with us today and collect points. Share our website with your friends & family and get 2000 bonus points when they spend over 30 pounds on our online shop.  Sharing couldn't be easier, just login into your account, go to the 'loyalty points' page and, click 'refer a friend'.  You can share us on twitter, facebook or e-mail.

3. Shop as much as you want 10 points per pound

It couldn't be easier to earn points in a short term.  However we have the best deals on points compared with other Japanese food outlets.  Our seasonal offers also let you earn more points.  It allows you to reach the target points faster.  So don't miss it and come back soon!

 Spend points to get discount!

If you want to spend your points, just login into your account, go to the 'loyalty points' page and, click 'get rewards'. And then, choose discount price according to your total points and get discount code.

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  • Sales Japan Food Hall