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Let's celebrate New Year 

with Japanese food!

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Eat special food, Bring good fortune! 

'Osechi-ryori' is a specially prepared Japanese New Year's food in traditional box called 'Jubako' similar to 'O-bento(Lunch) box'.  Each dish and ingredient, which has meanings such as good health, good harvest, happiness, prosperity or long life, is believed to bring good fortune in New Year.
Dashi, which is usually made of konbu kelp, dried bonito, has an important part in making Japanese traditional foods such as Nimono(a simmered dish), Ozoni(a soup with mochi, vegetables). 

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Echigo Seika

Cut Mochi (single packed rice cake) 

シングルパック切り餅400g                   £5.88

Mochi is a traditional food for the Japanese New Year and is commonly eaten during that time. It's eaten many ways like Ozoni, with Kinako(soy flour) and Anko(sweet red bean paste).  These dish that is traditionally made on New Year's Day for luck.

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Soba (soft grey round noodle) is made of buckwheat and wheat. The Japanese have a custom eating it for wishing to have a good New Year. Udon, which is made of wheat, is eaten with many ingredients. Udon with mochi is called Chikara(power) Udon as it's thought that the dish gives strength to the person eating it. It boosts stamina and is suitable to start with the upcoming year. Both of them are served in similar ways, in hot broth (soy sauce based) with some topping. It's also easy to prepare and people can save the time in busy days.

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